Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Ounce of Modesty in a Conceited World?

Hello social media and blogging world. For some crazy reason I thought that this might be a good idea (or at least fun to write), and may actually entertain a few curious innocent, friends.

But Aren't We All Conceited?

I recently read an article that explains research that points fingers at social media for making us all more conceited. To a degree, I am not surprised by this revelation, however, I'm not entirely convinced that social media is entirely to blame. Posting updates about your breakfast and your latest dramas might be a bit much, but for the most part we simply have 24/7 access to a form of communication to our family and friends.

We are a social species bound to social needs; Hence the invention of social media, right? Well as someone who would rather peruse the web for technology updates or tutorials for optimizing the script I am working on that eases the doldrums of computer tasks, this is a big step. A step into the world of social openness... A step into the world of Blogging. I am going to the extreme end of social media, and by doing so I am toeing the line of conceitedness. Hopefully letting you all into my world doesn't affect my ego, or my modesty.

The Journey Starts ... Over There?

I have no delusions that I will amass a huge following that hangs on my every word. Thanks to Ryan, who has been a friend of mine since he was born, for introducing me to the concept of blogging. Ryan has blogged about his adventures in Korea teaching English to the children who live there. For an interesting read that is filled with humor and intriguing adventures and life lessons, I urge you to read his blog at His inspiring blog and my recently acquired interest in writing have directed me here.

A Brief History To Bring You Up To Speed.

Last February, I enrolled in college at DeVry University with a major in Network Systems Administration. Aspiring for a job with a fortune 500 company and living the American Dream in Middle America. Now after a year has passed and my current job has shifted back into electrical work (mostly lighting upgrades), I find myself developing a business plan that has evolved from web design and development to pretty much an all-around communications service ranging from web design/development to helping other small business set up a network and web site.

Now that I have a pretty good idea for the type of business I would like to run, a final draft of my business plan is my next large task. Finding time to work on it is difficult though. I work at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (which is a 1 1/2 hour to 2 hour drive depending on the traffic), have classwork to accomplish for DeVry, and most importantly have a three year old son, Javin, wanting every free second to play with me.

Some say I am crazy for attempting so much at once, but with support from friends and family, and some practice with my patience and stress management, I think that this endeavor will push me to grow, learn, and become a better person when I otherwise would have succumbed to a work life that would be boring and monotonous.

So onward and upward with a positive mindset (For now, anyway). Burknet Solutions LLC is soon to be born and I will have no shortage of struggles, accomplishments, lessons, and obstacles to share with those who are still interested in following me on my quest.